Since 2004, Ciopomar has been dealing with the distribution and marketing of clams, molluscs, mussels, torches and many other fish products in Italy and abroad.

The attitude to the past makes today understand the current maritime entrepreneurship made of fatigue, stubbornness, and commitment; our satisfaction is based on the fact of being able to satisfy every single need from our catch to the large distribution, being able to count on having the sea on our side.

Our sea

The Adriatic Sea guarantees the highest quality of our main product the CHAMELEA GALLINA the clam that is part of the family of mollusks (lamelli branchi). Our life! The Sea is now part of our family.

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The clam CHAMELEA GALLINA is a mollusk that is deep buried in the sand, can be fished between 8,10,12 meters with special ovo-triangular shapes and striations.

Our company guarantees it all year round, having the possibility to count on our boats located throughout the Adriatic coast.

Another product that we supply is the Murice Spinoso (BOLINUS BRANDARIS) locally also called common mural (RAGUSA).
The shell has a size of 6-8 cm, and is equipped with spiny extensions and an elongated swollen shape in one extremity, the color varies from yellow to brown and is found on sandy bottoms along the Adriatic coast.

In culinary art we talk about a product that is expanding throughout Europe where it is used to satisfy the most refined palates as it is used in medium-large catering.

The Mediterranean MUSSEL (Mytilus galloprovincialis), is a bivalve mollusc, is part of the family of lamellibranch molluscs, with gills in lamellae that absorb oxygen for breathing and retain food for feeding.

In our areas of the Adriatic Sea the wild ones are fished, caught from divers, consequently the taste is more intense than those raised; on request we can also supply raised ones.

The minimum storage terms are between 7-8 days shellfish must be alive at the time of purchase.The packaging is done with polyethylene nets for food contact (Reg CE 11/2011), the lot format referred to with numeric code on the packaging date. Labeling, single packaging - Complies with Legislative Decree 27 January 1992, n. 109, EU Reg. 1169/2011-D.M.27.03.2002, EU Reg. 1379/2013 and Ministerial Decree.


The bivalve mollusc CHAMELEA GALLINA is washed inside the plant with potable water and then sifted and selected on special machines controlled by qualified personnel where with its commitment comes highly monitored on the basis of organoleptic measures and qualities awaiting the passage to weighing.

The weighing before packing allows to divide and satisfy our customer, we can pack bags of 3, 5 or 10 kilograms up to the large distribution where we can supply bags of one kilogram each.

The product is then labeled and packaged next to delivery.

Our Logistics

The definition LOGISTICA (AILOG) Italian association is a set of management and strategic organizational activities that operate in the company following the product from origin to delivery.

Our company is able to guarantee the transport of products within the scheduled time and established with the customer, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

The company has its own transportation facilities in Italy, while it relies on contractors for export.

Product availability is guaranteed throughout the year.

The product is processed, checked and packaged on pallets at the discretion of the customer's requests up to large kilograms and quintals of supply, present in Italy for catering and large-scale distribution and already established for years on the Spanish and Swedish market expanding in France, Germany, England, Switzerland, etc.


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